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Music Sync Conference & Camp

Coming up early 2025,

Bucharest, Romania

Sync About It is the first and aims to be the most relevant conference and songwriting camp dedicated exclusively to music synchronization in Central & Eastern Europe. 

Hosted in Bucharest, Romania, the conference focuses on know-how exchange and bringing updates from the industry on trends and best practices, while the songwriting camp provides an opportunity for independent songwriters and producers to make music together based on actual briefs from music supervisors, thus building new bridges and offering a chance to pitch their works.

The three day event is designed to build a bridge across European music segments and professionals who can benefit from sync, hence encouraging international cooperation through the circulation of music and good practices

Why to join us?



- An exchange of industry insights, trends, and best practices.

- A platform for industry professionals to share their insights, expertise, and best practices in the field of music synchronisation.


Capacity Building

- Opportunities for professionals to connect, collaborate, and build partnerships.

- Collaboration through project showcases, as well as through practice for those who apply to be part of the Sync camp


Professional development

- Insights into legal aspects, rights clearance, and licensing negotiations.

- Global music markets exposure through facilitation of access to a diverse range of international trends and industry practices.

Some of the areas to be covered


Sync in Advertising


Sync in Film


Sync in Gaming


Sync in the Metaverse


Women in


Sounds interesting enough? Registering info will be announced soon.

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