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Sync About It

It started with a music incubator, some European funds, one job quitting and two determined women 

New revenue streams

Sync can get artists a fixed licensing fee for the usage and it can also generate extra revenues/royalties from collective management organisations, as well as gaining popularity and visibility which can translate into streams, views, increase in social media numbers and ticket buyers. And Eastern Europe is just starting to taste it.

One Goal

is to connect the people who make or own the music with the people who need it and thus opening the door to possible cooperation in the future.

But we are all tired of that "networking" word...So we want to offer real interactions, not only panels.


for independent songwriters and producers to take part in a songwriting camp where they can make music together, building new bridges and exploring new creative processes, will work on actual briefs from music supervisors and also have the chance to live pitch their works.

Meet the Team

An idea designed by 

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